Friday, March 1, 2019

It’s 2019! My last post was March 31st, 2018, but I am back for my 8th year participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge!  My first post was on March 1st 2012. I've published 311 times and have 41 drafts.  I return to some ideas and surprise myself on other days.  

Things I’ll be pondering
  • Being the mom of: a high school freshman
  • Water polo
  • Literacy
  • The teenage brain 
  • Digital instruction
I’ll be returning to some of the topics that I’ve enjoyed writing about in the past
Slicers I'm excited to read:
  • New slicers as part of my role on the welcome wagon
  • Roxy, a new slicer & a colleague check out her posts here:
  • Erin, a former colleague, returning to the challenge after a new mom hiatus. 
  • My friend Lee Ann Spillane who jumped into this with me in 2012 and even did a small classroom slice challenge with me. 
It's a long month. It's doable!

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Why hello there you master list maker, you! Happy writing this month!

  2. Seems we have several things in common:
    * took a LONG break from blogging after SOL18
    * have a high school freshman
    * love all things literacy
    * can't stop making lists
    * :)

  3. Yes! I'm back! Blogging and exercising are in my life again and it feels so gooooooood. You make me want to make lists, girl. 😁 Looking forward to reading your posts this month!


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