Saturday, March 9, 2019

Spring Into Saturday: Tourist Time

There are parts of town that I don’t willlingly go to, normal found a little to the southwest of downtown along the I-4 corridor. Yet I know that people plan and save a ton of money to go there each year and I am thankful for that. For this Saturday, play tourist with me!

1. The Orlando Eye located on the Orlando Icon compound. This 400 foot Ferris Wheel is where my daughter wanted to spend part of her 15th birthday so we did. For Florida teachers, it’s free and you can get a pass to go to other places such as Madame Tousaaids.  The ride takes about 20 minutes and if you time it right at night, you can see all the fireworks that go in nightly st the other Florida attractions to the west of it. During the day, I have been told that you can see the Space Center on the east coast.

2. Disney Springs- Yes, I have invoked the D word on this blog. Crowded yes, but at Christmas bused, monorailed and trained our way thru. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant such as Jose Garces Jaleo or Art Smith’s Homecoming or stop at one of the side windows and pick up a snack.

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  1. I do enjoy a bit of shopping and dining down at Disney Springs!


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