Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bucket List

Salt Springs, Florida
I'm not tired, just weary, which is a little different than tired for me. Tired, I can sleep off. My weary needs to be shaken off with joyful moments time spent in springs or sunshine or doing things on my bucket-list.  Some are might be doable next week during spring break.  That's right tomorrow is the end of the nine weeks and students's last day of the quarter.  I can make this!  I'll finish this post and watch Legally Blonde with my kid, which will make me tired tomorrow, but less weary.

Bucket List Draft

1. Camp at the Dry Tortugas.
2. Go Italy & Greece
3. Go to New Zealand
4. Go to the rest of the states that I haven't visited. 
5. Continue to stay fit!
6.  Bike coast to coast (on the Florida Sea to Sea Trail that isn't complete yet.)
7.  Get a paddleboard.
8.  Jump in all the springs in the state of Florida that are accessible.
9.  Drive to see sunrise and sunset from coast to coast in one day in Florida!
10. Buy a yurt to live on our 3.5 acres in Frostproof.
11.  Learn how to can fruits & vegetables.
12.  Make pate a choux.
13.  Learn how to make sauerkraut.
14. Take my daughter see a sea-turtle hatching.
15.  Read all the book in my TBR pile!


  1. I love your list! Italy, Greece, a paddleboard! Those things are on my list, too! Enjoy your break!

  2. Sign me up for #6! Can we do it together one Christmas or summer? I have always wanted to walk across the state--biking would be even better.

  3. Maybe I can join on some of those.... great list!!!!


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