Thursday, March 21, 2019


My daughter turned 15 last month and her freshman year and even her middle school and elementary years have all been about learned independence. I don't want to be a helicopter parent or even a "snowplow" parent as described in the New York Times last weekend. 

She now has friends who drive and I was really conflicted about letting her go to the beach today with her, but I let her go.  Only after I had imagined all the horrible things in my head and second guessed my decision to let her go. I do know that this is the age of letting go.  In fact, after your kid is born, it is the letting go and new experiences that help them grow.

In middle school I worried about her riding her bike home. She  began to cook on the stove by herself at age six.  I started leaving her home alone at age 10.  Note- there aren't any age rules in Florida related to leaving your child at home alone.  She's even taken care of other people's kids, alone,

Today I worried about her swimming at the beach unsupervised, rip tides.  Although she and her friend are both on the swim and water polo team, I know the ocean can be tricky. I worried about her friend texting and driving.  I worried about the other drivers on I-4.  Soon I will be worrying about her driving.  The mom angst.  That's why I have only one and have my hair dresser on retainer.  We survived today!  I know that her friend has parents who worry about their driver  and swimmer too, their daughter.  My kid had a happy day and in the end so did I.

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  1. I am about 10 years ahead of you, but I remember those days very clearly. I survived and learned to worry less and trust more. Independence will come no matter what we as mothers do. Enjoy this time!


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