Monday, March 18, 2019

What R U Reading?

What I've read!  I just want to shout out about all of Tamora Pierce's books. I came to fantasy late in the game and came to Pierce's books very late in my fantasy reading life. Many fantasy writers that I currently enjoy cite her work as inspiration for theirs.   I was wowed first with her latest release, the first in the Numair trilogy, and then discovered about tentire Tortall world. I spent much of  October residing there in my reading life.  There is an chronological order to the books that make them make sense, but I read them as the books became available from my library.

I started with Tempests & Slaughter, her latest release. I then started her Provost's Dog trilogy followed by the Protector of the Small quartet.  Next I read The Immortals quartet followed by the Daughter of the Lioness duology. My last reading was the series that spawned all the series, the Song of the Lioness quartet.  I would say to start here because there are interconnections that make the stories more rich perhaps if read in a more linear fashion than I took.  All of the series have strong female protagonists, who even from the first book, challenge modern female roles, especially when you look back and realize that the first book was published in 1983.  I wish I had happened upon them then at age 13, but have been happy to enjoy them now. I am now stuck at the point where I am waiting for the other two books in the Numair trilogy to come out.  Learn more about her work here.

What books are you reading or your students enjoying right now?

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  1. Right now, I'm reading Jojo Moyes' The Girl You Left Behind. Our new district book club chose A Discovery of Witches. I need to get my copy and get to reading. Thanks for sharing your choices.


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