Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Lemon Sorbet
When life hands you lemons, make lemon sorbet! Yum! Sometimes you have plans and you have to make changes. That was how I spent my weekend, making a change in plans. I was just going to spend time picking strawberries on Saturday, but I ended up doing more. I was just going to just play a little ultimate on Sunday and then work, but an opportunity to hang out with old friends outweighed the necessity of work. I want to spend the upcoming year by being flexible and prepared enough to just make changes.  What do you want to do this year? If you're a teacher, you never have to wait a year to refresh or renew since time cycles in nice arcs for us. A new beginning when school starts, when a new quarter or semester begins, or the new year comes. I haven't figured out my one little word, but I have enjoyed reading others and contemplating my potential choices.

On a side note, if you have been following my blog, I did play ultimate frisbee this weekend after an 18 month hiatus. It was terrifying. My heart was racing from the fear, but after a few points the fear subsided and joy remained. My knee felt great too! This feat actually was a goal that I intended to accomplish in January 2015. Another goal or change I want to make this year is to use the specialized kitchen equipment that I have. I want to use it at least once a quarter hence the lemon sorbet.  I was lucky to get a bag of Myers lemons from a coworker and in my search for recipes stumbled upon this one. Now to figure recipes for the cookie press and as the week continues, I will keep pondering my word and thinking about changes in my plans. Happy New Year!