Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Aloha means hello and goodbye! It signifies greeting and parting.
Aloha students!  Wednesday is our district's last day for students.  Some of you have already said goodbye and some of you have a few more weeks. I love the arc of teaching. It is the perfect story. The end.

Aloha slicing! I always think I have more time to write in April and May, but invariably find no energy. I spend most of my time during the 4th nine weeks proctoring tests.  At last count, 28905 tests were administered to the 2900 students at our school. .This number doesn't include other mandated tests.  We are still counting. Test fatigue or life fatigue, I am not sure.  I have find that with last nine weeks comes the planning for next year while closing the current and my energy isn't there to write. I have no excuses now, it's June.

Aloha self! A year ago I injured myself and I was in the midst of getting stronger and fit. I ended up being sidelined for 7 months in 2013 and have spent the last 5 months of 2014 moving closer to fine.  I'm not 100% yet.  I'm not where I thought I would be, but I am closer. I feel great.  Summer is the perfect time to challenge myself and meet my fitness goals.

Aloha summer! Time to explore my one little word, well.   Time to traipse in the mountains and disconnect. Time to push myself as a writer. Time to to learn something new, paddle boarding. Time to swimm in the springs. Time to lay in the hammock and read. Time with my daughter, friends, and family.   Aloha summer!

How will you spend yours?