Friday, March 22, 2019

Food for Thought: Lunch

This week it's spring break so I took myself on a lunch date to The Glass Knife.  This was just one of three lunch dates that I took myself on this week.  The first was introducing my friend to The Artisan's Table which is my go-to place for burgers and cocktails, especially before a show at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.  The second is Cilantros Taqueria, a new to the neighborhood taco place in the Hourglass district. I am in love with their corn soup.   I've been waiting to go to The Glass Knife for over a year after I first enjoyed their doughnuts at my friend's wedding.  I enjoyed their lemon meringue donuts.  Aside from doughnuts, they serve lunch and dinner as well as  other desserts.  The interior is slick and kind of cold looking, but they do have a lovely outdoor porch.  The catch here is that they don't take cash, but pets are welcome.

 I had the garden flatbread pizza with tomato confit, cremini mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, pine nuts and wilted spinach. It was topped with chunks of avocado after it was baked.  I don't normally choose a flat bread, but the veggies combo was intriguing to me. I sent a picture of the recipe data collection for my pizza making friends.  For dessert, I had the lemon tart. What made this unique was the layer of cherry jam under the lemon curd.  (Lemon is one of my favorite flavors and they do it well here.) It was gorgeous and delicious.  I can say that I enjoyed my lunch here and spend longer than 20 minutes, my usual lunch quota. I linger with a cup of coffee and determinedly drank the carafe of water they left behind.


  1. What a cool name of a restaurant! The Glass Knife! I love the idea of lunch dates for yourself. What a way to celebrate spring break.

  2. Now I’m getting hungry!!!!!

  3. Scrumptious slice! I also love lemon. Happy Spring Break slicing!

  4. Love, love, love— hoping we can go together this summer. I wanted more corn soup details— texture? creamy factor? Do tell!


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