Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life Sentence

Sick, the day after
my diagnosis.
I received my life sentence six years ago tomorrow. Among my tribe we call it our diaversary. I've written about it each year and this blog was initially created with the purpose of processing my life sentence and finding balance. My mission hasn't changed.

Well-Managed, six years later!
Over the six years, I've learned some key steps to the management of my chronic disease with the sole goal of living with the longest life sentence possible.

What I know for sure is that what we worry about or imagine is not as hard as we make-it-up to be when we actually face it. Taking care of yourself requires care and patience and a tiny bit of selfishness. Paying close attention to the overwhelmedness clues in your life matters. My clues happen to be a misplaced purse, phone, keys, meter, or pump---never lost, but misplaced.  Gently educate the people in your life, they mean well, but they don't know well. What they do or say is often out of love and a desire to help. Don't beat yourself up about the management or mismanagement of your life sentence, you are working as hard as you can.  I know I will continue to learn more, but acknowledging my diaversary is one small step in celebrating my daily wins over my life sentence.