Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Sunday Seven

Celebrating the goodness of the week!

7. Clean clothes for the week ahead, all folded and hung up. Really- we had a "cold snap" last week and my clothes were a mess. I had to get out my winter clothes aka long sleeves from the boxes that I had packed away during spring break. It's all been organized and sorted again, which is a good start to the week. I won't be wading in the shoes and socks.

6. Living in a great city with all kinds of delicious local food options.  This weekend I enjoyed lunch at Pom Pom's Teahouse.  It's been a local favorite for a long time, but I hadn't stopped. I enjoyed the blueberry team. 

5. No more gray and a sassy short haircut.  I have been with my hair dresser since 2000ish. I trust him to do what makes sense. I always have said, "Don't tell me how to teach and I won't tell you how to do my hair."  He's a master. I trust him. I feel great.

4. The luxury of time to celebrate with friends. I don't think I do that often enough. It was a colleagues birthday. It was fun.

3. My team for being open to learning and stretching their practice.  I was reminded of this several times this week including during our DPLC training, our summer reading discussions during our PLC time and reading lesson in which we consider the difference between paper, digital and web-based reading (inspired by my reading of Jago's new book, The Book in Question.)

2. My mom and aunt making time in their week to drive to central Florida to watch Hope play water polo.  She loved that!

1.The Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This is the time in 7 years that I didn't post every day in March. I missed Friday and Saturday this week and that's ok. The team at Two Writing Teachers makes this possible. Next month aka tomorrow, they start the classroom challenge. I love reading other teachers blogs.  It's a been another great month practice writing and learning from the participants.


  1. I love the countdown. Thankful lists always make me happy. I hope your have a great week!

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