Saturday, March 31, 2018

31 Day Writing Streak

Today completes my 31st and final day of the slice of life daily blogging challenge for 2018.  In my seventh year of doing this, I was able to write each and every day.  I also committed to commenting on more than 3 people each day and accomplished it.  Setting a writing plan initially and continuing to have a topic focus for certain days of the week helped.  I still ran into those days where just the thought of the obligation to write filled me with dread and I dragged my fingers to the keyboard.  

I don’t have the writing fatigue/malaise that I have had in the past. I want to keep going forward just not every day. I’ve embedded a survey to have you help me sort thru where my writing should go next. I have some ideas. I’d still rather read than write. I’d rather workout than write. I do realize that I have quite a collection of writing after 7 years of posting, 310 published here to be exact.

Thanks you to the teacher-leaders at Two Writing Teachers, especially Stacey, for supporting all the teachers and students world-wide who participate each year.  Thanks again for each of you who stopped by.


  1. I love your honesty about dreading to write. Several times this month I asked myself, "What was I THINKING??" And then I remembered those long-ago days in the classroom when I would tell my students to write about not having anything to write about. I just never had to try that out until this month. Guess what? I found that it works!! Thanks for faithfully reading my posts and giving thoughtful comments. I'll be seeing you Tuesday!

  2. You'd rather do other things but somehow you have chosen to write for seven years!!!
    I like your idea of using a survey to guide your writing choices a bit. But you're still the boss :)


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