Friday, March 8, 2019

Food for Thought: Seafood Shacks

The fish taco from Slapfish
Although I was born in Florida, part of my family hails for New England, Rhode Island in particular, and there is nothing more ubiquitous there than seafood.  Also Florida has its own share of fresh fish too. I do love it and although it's easy to make, I have two favorite places for you to check out. 

1.  Bar Harbor Seafood   Located in an industrial area in Orlando, this seafood distributor has a small retail shop that serves lunch.  There's nothing better than ordering a lobster roll full of succulent sweet meat served in the traditional New England split top roll. They serve it correctly with a little butter with no filler, aka no celery needed.  It's not tuna salad.  Bar Harbor is also the best place to pick up fresh live lobsters in the summer.

2.  Slapfish   I normally try to recommend local restaurants, but Slapfish is not. It is a franchise that serves amazing fish that is sustainable.  It is located in the Waterford Town Center and offers counter service.  I had the lobster grinder (grinder being a Rhode Island term for a sub.) Spying the word grinder, I knew I had to try it.  It was delish.  The ceviche was not, but the grilled fish on the fish and chips was phenomenal.  The fish tacos, according to my husband were the best fish tacos he has eaten and he has sample them from San Diego to Hawaii to all over the Central Florida market.  We will be back.


  1. Ooo... fish tacos?! Even better than Ale House? Rick will love that. Thanks for the recs!

  2. Yum! Not much other than salmon in these parts, and I miss the great fish the coast had to offer, especially for sashimi and sushi!


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