Friday, March 15, 2019

Food for Thought: Frozen Treats

The Orlandough Ice Cream Sandwich

I am a chip fiend, but my daughter has the ice cream gene. Before she was born ice cream would stay in our fridge for so long that it would go ice fur on it.  Now I hope the quart lasts for a week.  For a treat we have a few favorite spots. It was 86 degrees so it was certainly time for ice cream.

1.  Gelato Fiasco: New to Orlando, but the Maine transplant stands out with its unique combinations. Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp is my favorite. My daughter loves the Darrk Cocolate Caramel Sea Salt.  The Florida Citrus sorbet is quenching to your palate on a hot Florida day. They also provide local teams great fundraiser nights.

2. Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream: A local shop with so many dynamic flavors. There’s one within walking distance of my daughter’s high school so I am pretty sure what she does with her lunch money. But the Orlandough Ice Sandwich Night is worth the splurge.

3.  And if you are at Disney the Dole Pineapple whip soft serve at The Polynesian.


  1. Orange slices,,,,,,the best!!!!!!

  2. Remember the time I accidentally made super boozy ice cream and brought to lunch at school for everybody? LOL 😆

    1. I remember that ice cream! And the rasberry one you made— delish!

  3. Oh the Dole whip— yum! Brings back memories. The ice cream sandwich spit sure sounds fun. Maybe a post-skate stop this summer.


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