Thursday, March 1, 2018

Celebrating 7 Years!

Copper is the seven year
anniversary gift!
For seven years the Slice of Life Writing Challenge in March has been a way for me to force myself to write daily, learn from other teachers across the country and reflect on my personal and professional practice.  I created this blog in March 2011 and only wrote a single post.  My initial purpose was to be reflective as I worked to find balance in my life as a teacher, learner, mom, and type one diabetic. Almost an year later I attempted to write again with an initial push from my friend and colleague, Lee Ann Spillane, also a fellow slicer, in my first Slice of Life Month-long Story Challenge. I did complete it.  
Lee Ann & I (I am wearing the glasses)
& our combo One Little Word shirts!
After completing the challenge in 2012, I started having my students blog, both college and high school.  Friends and former students from near and far have joined me over the past six years and I've loved having a window into their lives.  

My writing has evolved after two hundred seventy-eight posts, but I still have more work to do. Like one of my teacher-educator idols, Troy Hicks, I see my blog as a drafting space.  The writing won't be perfect. The writing will have taken longer than I wanted to spend. I will have, however, devoted each day in March spending time in the company of my writing and in the company of other teacher writers from around the county as we give each other feedback and support.  I am not a weekly or daily writer, yet, but it is a goal I hope to continue to pursue after this month.  Each day of the week I focus on a different topic. On Monday, What R U Reading?, Tuesday, A Slice, Wednesday, Eye-Spy, Thursday, Teaching, Friday-Food for Thought, Spring into Saturday, and the Sunday Seven. I welcome my new and old readers throughout my journey this month!  And if you get the urge, there is still time to Slice!
Thanks to Stacey Shubitz and her team at Two Writing Teachers
for hosting this challenge every March as well as each Tuesday! 
Check out the challenges here.


  1. Yes! I wondered if you would theme your days again— great strategy for not being overwhelmed by the daily writing. Good writing ahead.

  2. Congratulations on year 7! I look forward to reading more of your blogs- I feel like the way your blog is organized is going to inspire me : ) Have fun this month!


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