Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Eye-Spy: Signs of Spring

I started a tradition a few years ago of posting pictures on Wednesdays because I worked from 7am-10pm.  Although I now don't work nights anymore, I still am continuing my eye-spy posts. It keeps me on the lookout for details during the week.  Enjoy what I saw at the UF Institute of Food and Agriculture Science plant festival this past weekend.

1.  Foxtails-swaying in the wind.  I don't know how to share the video footage, but it was mesmerizing.  I am sure that Foxtail was the name of this bush, but when I google it, the plants that I have a photo of don't come up.  That's why I admire gardeners and can think of several friends who can give me the real name.  (Yes- Jen K and Judy Ray- am thinking of you!)

2.  Roses  The roses are already blooming in Florida and we've been picking strawberries for at least two months.  Your summer is our spring here.  The time is also ripe for our tomatoes and blueberries are right around the corner.  My mom always had a rose garden, obviously the gene was lost on my.  I can tell though that we had a colder winter this year than last because there are less roses in bloom right now.  For a wonderful rose garden, check out Central Park in Winter Park.

3. A trio of friendly farm animals, a bull, a Shetland pony, and a big horse.  Again, I can't really identify them. The bull was huge.  I am not really into animals, because I have enough trouble taking care of myself.  I do admire from afar. But my sister has a horse and I have more than a few friends who love animals so these photos are for you!


  1. There's so much beauty in nature, and sometimes especially so in the things we see on a daily basis but never quite observe. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your words!

  2. Images are powerful, but even more so when combined with text. In my perfect classroom, each student would have a laptop and we would learn as a class how to include images that clarify our words. Reading your posts makes me miss being in the classroom!

  3. That little Shetland sure is a cutie.


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