Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Seven

Focusing on the goodness of the week! 

7. My succulent garden.  Thriving in full sun and only watering once a month. 

6.  Yoga in Lake Eola Park A focus on calm and stretching today with my daughter, husband and friends. Namaste!

5. A day spent wandering to my husband's favorite St. Pete haunts, the Emerald City comic shop, Trip's Diner and Out of the Closet, a thrift store; then my turn, a beach afternoon at Fort DeSoto with my mom, sister, nephews, daughter and husband.

4. A jar of St. Pete Ferments sauerkraut in my fridge. I am the only one who likes it in my house. I don't have to share and I could profess that it is good for me. I will eat it every night this week. Thanks to my sister for procuring my jar.

3. Working in a supportive district and school where we could walkout as staff and students together side-by-side on Wednesday.

2. My ELA\Reading team persevering through testing season and keeping their eye toward what matters for kids. We made it through the 3rd nine weeks!  75% of the way there. 

1. Five days off next week aka Spring Break.


  1. gratitude lists put everything in perspective, don't they? Enjoy spring break!

  2. Definitely great things to be thankful for! My favorite? Yoga along a lake

  3. So many things to be grateful for! I love making my own gratitude lists and the peek into other people's live when they share theirs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gratitude is good for our mental health! I must resurrect my gratitude journal. Thanks for the reminder.


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