Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Seven

7. Visiting teacher-babes in the wild. The most fun part of adjuncting at UCF for the past ten years were the aspiring teachers that I got to work with. In my day job, I have worked side by side with a few, which is truly amazing. Every so often I get the opportunity to see them in the wild! I was able to visit two such teachers this week. Loved seeing their classroom and students. 

6.  Spending some unexpected time with my mentor. As you stay in the profession, you become the mentor more often while your mentors retire. You look around the room and think how did I get here with all these youngsters. I'm grateful for my mentors near and far.

5. Being apart of my trainer's wedding. He has been a constant in my life for the past 5 years. I was glad to see his joy and the wedding cake donuts from The Glass Knife were insane.

4.  Happening in my kid's reading goals chart. She has always surprised me with her unexpected goal setting that she puts on post-its on her mirror. This week it was dry-erase on the bathroom mirror.  She told me her entire 2018 reading plan. A middle school memory I will hang onto.

3.  The return of daylight savings time and a morning spend in sunshine with friends and yoga.

2. Testing week #2 complete. We made it thru testing over 1600 9th-10th graders and then followed it up with over 900 juniors and seniors taking the SAT School day. Kudos to our new testing coordinator. 

1. Cheers to my husband for taking care of me as I have been down for the count since Tuesday with whatever version of the cold or flu that I have.

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