Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Eye-Spy: King of the Morning

 1.  King of the morning, the Great Blue Heron. I netwalk with my friend and colleague Jen K each Sunday morning. We never know what we will see---otters, ducks, rabbits, snakes, and birds of all kinds.  This guy let us watch him for several minutes.  He was about as tall as my friend.  

2. Rocket of the benefits of living in Central Florida.

3.  Imagine my surprise when the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile turned into our parking lot one day after school.  I waited with baited breath.  It passed out school and I thought it might go into the park.  Turns out it was a wrong turn.  The funniest thing is what I overheard one of the high school students say.  I can't repeat it here, but it was evident she had never heard of the Wiener Mobile.  

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  1. That Wiener Mobile is no baloney! Love the surprise and delight of your noticings.


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