Friday, March 9, 2018

Food for Thought: BBQ

I do love BBQ. I am the type of Q-lover that doesn't need any sides! There are a few places that knock my socks off in Orlando.

1. 4 Rivers Smokehouse  Just the ribs please me! Some days burnt ends will do. My friend, Michelle, loves the bacon wrapped smoked jalapenos. Of course, there are other typical sides such as fried okra or mac and cheese.  The smoked portobello mushroom sandwich works if you want something lighter, but it's not vegan.  It is always packed.  I like to place my order ahead of time and then pick it up to avoid the wait.

2.Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa Burnt ends hands-down. My friend, Lee Ann, loves the fennel apple slaw.  What makes their BBQ unique are Asian and Caribbean influences. Sandwiches are served on a coconut pineapple roll which adds a layer of sweet to the vinegary bite of the sauce here.  The beer here is also a drawn. You never know what's new on tap or in the case.

3.  Sonny's In homage to my 1st BBQ memory at age ten and then my many BBQ memories in college.  I like the sliced pork, coleslaw, beans and garlic bread here. It's the only place I like all the sides.  I haven't changed my order since my first visit.  My husband and my brother-in-law despise it and wonder why mom always buys a gallon of beans if she orders Sonny's for a family gathering. I know why she does.  I love the sauces. It is the only time I like really sauce on my BBQ. There are literally three people on the planet I go here with including my sister, my friend Shela and Stephanie.  We have shared Sonny's memories together.

4. Mike's. Too be fair that's not open to everyone! I do love anything my friend Mike smokes in his big green egg.

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