Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Sunday Seven

Taking time each week to reflect on the goodness.

7.  Florida spring.  This is the time of year that I want to spend every moment outside. The days are warm, low 80's for the high and the nights cool mid 60's. I have often thought that we should have our summer break now and go to school during the summer.  I try to spend as many spring moments outdoors as possible. 

6.  Yoga in Lake Eola Park on Sundays.   I work out pretty consistently during the week with Camp Gladiator and walking. I've wanted, however, to add yoga to my routine for about six months.  I've checked out a few studios, but I found the $5 dollar yoga at Lake Eola Park on Sundays to be the just right fit for my husband and I. My friends meet me and I love the instructors.  The bonus is that it is outdoors.  There is also a vibrant farmer's market where we linger on the lawn and people and puppy watch afterward.

5.  Keeping my fingers crossed for next week, but just survived an event-less first week of testing. The testing magnitude at a high school of 3300 in Florida is unimaginable to most people. Our new testing coordinator is handling it so far with aplomb.  Only 9 more weeks of testing left!  We test 1600 9th and 10th graders on Tuesday and 1100 juniors and seniors on Wednesday.  Most testing requires room relocation by many teachers and a shift in our bell schedule.  It is stressful for all involved. A calm veneer is required at all times since everyone, kids and adults, is stressed.

4.  A semi-decent clean house.  I can always judge the crazy times by how messy my house and my car are and how often I misplace my debit card. I've only misplaced my debit card once in 2018.  It was MIA for three days, but my house has been driving me crazy.  In prep for the aforementioned nine weeks of testing, I have whipped my house into decent shape.  Winter clothes are packed away and the bathroom closets are clean. I have to minimize the chaos to survive. 

3. The peace of my succulent garden. I've only killed one over the past year. They need direct sun and to be watered once a month.  The perfect plants for me.  I just added two more this week.

2.  Just hanging with my kid. She turned 14 last Sunday.  Our together days our numbered as she gets older and she spends more time away. We are binge-watching Reign right now. 

1.  Grilled cheese made my husband---totally decadent comfort food.


  1. Cool succulent garden! Sounds like my kind of plant too. Can you believe your daughter is 14? Oh how fast high school will go--such fun though.

  2. Standardized testing...when will the pendulum swing back toward sanity? I love your succulent garden. Do you have one at school? Pothos ivy was my plant of choice in my windowless classroom...only 3 years out of 26 did I have a window. sigh... BTW, I've added you to my prayer list...that's a lot of kid to test!


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