Friday, March 23, 2018

Food For Thought: Fresh Meat

My Breakfast Burger &
 my companion's Blarney Stone 
I found myself with an hour to kill between appointments yesterday morning and decided to try a new place that has been on my list for a while. I thought I would get my post up earlier since it isn't too late to make breakfast or lunch plans today and yes, I mean today.  When my friend told me about this place, I thought cool a local meat market that's close by.  All the good ones in the central Florida area seem to be so far away, Petty's Meats in Longwood and Cavallari Gourmet in Oviedo.  Well, Orlando Meats has been worth the wait. Not only does this butcher shop have locally sourced meat, it serves an amazing breakfast  and lunch. 

With all the men in the back of the shop it reminded me of a scene or two from Cleaving by Julie Powell of Julia and Julie fame.  A good book to check out if you are interested in butchering, both of a marriage and the profession.  She isn't very likable in this book, but it does provide insight into butchering as a profession.  But I digress.

Having restaurant service in this meat shoppe, means that you can literally have your meat and eat it too.  You can pick up some locally sourced meat or their in-house sauerkraut or kimchi and enjoy breakfast and lunch.  I had the Breakfast Burger. I like to call the time after my quarterly doctor's visit my "cheat window."  Some people take them once a week, I try to selectively my window after my bloodwork and subsequent doctor's appointment. 

The Breakfast Burger was worth the "cheat."  Served medium rare it was by far the best burger that I have eaten in the Central Florida area and beyond. It came with bacon xo, a magic mystical delicious meat sauce condiment.  A scrambled egg with white cheddar and garlic aoli also topped the burger.  It needed nothing else as the meat was fresh and seasoned with salt and pepper to perfection. The burger was served on French bread rather than a traditional bun. It was ideal. Often I discard the buns on burgers as they are too flimsy to withstand the meat juice and dissolve into mushiness.  The porous French bread stood up to the task.  In the end the burger was too much to finish and I was glad I had a friend to share it with. 

My companion had the Blarney Stone which was another breakfast sandwich on the menu. I was delighted when she picked this since it was my 2nd choice.  The lure of sauerkraut and corned beef drew me in.  She let me try it. I love the purple cabbage sauerkraut that they made.  I was a little off-put that the corned beef was served cold but it was tender and flavorful.  I want my breakfast warm. It too was too larger to finish, but we left feeling full and ready to wrangle the rest of our Spring Break day,

My only regret is that I didn't have any of the chips. My breakfast came with what my companion described as the fluffiest home fries. I didn't put any ketchup on them as they were seasoned perfectly and so fresh. I found out later though that I could have gotten a side of chips with my breakfast. Those who know me well, know that chips are my Achilles heel. While we waited and ate, I watched the "chip" man prepare the tallow chips for lunch.  I will be back for lunch sooner than later, especially as my cheat window is closing fast. I am planning a lunch date there with my husband as I write. 

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