Monday, March 26, 2018

Professional Reading Plans

Several books are coming out this spring that I am looking forward to reading to improve my craft.

3.  Penny Kittle & Kelly Gallagher's 180 Day's   I loved Kittle's Book Love, and Gallagher's Readicide  Both are part of my learning about the teaching of reading lineage.  This superstar combo spent a year working on this book. I can't wait to see what they share about what they learned after collaborating the entire school year. What I love is that this book documents their teacher year.  Teaching follows a narrative arc of its own.  This book is en route as we speak. If you want to be my reading buddy with it, let me know.

2.  There has been so much dialogue about teaching a whole class novel to students over the past three to five years.  I've been struggling with this, because I do believe in the shared communal experience of reading a book together as a class.  I remember when we all cried in 9th grade when Nancy died in It Happened to Nancy.  This wasn't the only book that moved us to be curious, to care, and to see beyond our world view.  I've used whole class novels with concurrent lit circles and independent reading where students where juggling 3 texts at a time.  I think it is possible to do a whole class novel well.  It become tricky when a teacher drags students through a text over a long long period of time.  My students read many many many books on their own over a total 500 for a collective of  about 75 students in one year.  How do we carve space for choice and student interest, challenge and side-by-side practice?  Kate Robert's explore this in her book  A Novel Approach. Also en route to me.

1.   Jennifer Fletcher's forthcoming book, Teaching Literature Rhetorically will be released in June. So this will be a little summer reading for me.  I love her Teaching Arguments book and used it with all of our teachers and my preservice teachers. It was a great next text to read after Hillock's Teaching Argument Writing.  I keep revisiting both of them along with Gallagher's Teaching Adolescent Writers.

What are you looking forward to reading professionally?  


  1. A Novel Approach is on my list of books to read, I think that I need to add 180 Days and I may have to investigate Jennifer Fletcher's books. Thanks for letting me know about them

  2. 180 Days and A Novel Approach are both on my list too! I'm also looking forward to Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension by Sara Ahmed.

  3. You have an excellent list here! I have several of Gallagher's books. Today, I'm reading Inventing the Truth: the Art & Craft of Memoir by William Zinsser and Naomi S. Nye's 19 Varieties of Gazelle.

  4. You've got a great list! I'm looking forward to Jennifer Serravallo's new book after hearing her speak at the Virginia State Reading Association conference a couple of weeks ago. I also plan to read Embarrassment by Thomas Newkirk.

  5. I can't wait for 180 Days to arrive. I have been anxiously awaiting it since hearing Gallagher and Kittle speak at NCTE and hope it makes it here by the weekend so I can start reading. I also have a copy of Beyond Literary Analysis by Allison Marchetti and Rebeakah O'Dell that I am looking forward to reading this summer.


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