Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring Break Goals

For the first time in a long time, I am not camping this spring break. Beach camping in Florida in spring break can be tough.  I've been as far south as the Keys and still had choppy water and wind so rough it was not enjoyable.  Last year I stayed at Grayton Beach and it was wonderful, but the ocean was too dangerous to swim due to the currents.   I normally work part of the week and I am not doing that either.  I still, however, have spring break goals.

5.  Rest:  I think that is emphasized in the idea of spring break.  The much needed break!

4. Work on taxes:  Always a spring break task for me.  There are two predicted bad weather days looming ahead next week I anticipate will be good for such work.

3. Purge: Purging is not the same as cleaning.  We have some purging too do in my daughter's room as she has decided that her Fisher Price people and her Monster High dolls just not make it on the next stage of her journey as she needs more closet space for her shoes and clothes.

2. Binge-watch & Read:  I have books that I want to just read by the pool or the beach. I love laying outside and reading in this weather.

1. Have an adventure! Head to one of the places on my bucket list.


  1. Only teachers know the pure joy of a week in the spring away from the incredible stress of teaching! Enjoy your reading and rest. You've earned it!

  2. A great start to a great plan. I too plan on resting and finishing some unfinished business. Reading will likely be on the plan as well. Have a wonderful spring break.


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