Thursday, March 22, 2018


Part of my routine is a quarterly doctor's visit and blood-work, which I had today.  Routine is one thing that my chronic disease responds well too.  The routine of exercise.  The routine of meals. The routine of calm.  What also improves the quality of my life is to look for patterns.  Looking at the data and taking note of where the data does not reveal what is happening is a crucial step.  I work with my practitioner   The more routine I can make my life, the better we are able to look for patterns and make treatment decisions.

I like my routines but spring break is also a great time to let go of some of those routines. Some of the routines that I've let go this week where sleeping in, vacuuming for what my daughter describes as hours for hour, and staying up super late watching movies. Only one more day of spring break play. Then back to the routine. Enjoy the flowers that I saw when I strayed from my routine today.


  1. Break from routine seems to help us appreciate routine once again. Will this hold true for you?

  2. I still have a week of school before spring break so, while you are hoping to delay the non-routine as long as possible, I am wanting the routine to hustle up! I'm planning to spend my no-routine time a lot like you have. Enjoy your last hours.


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