Monday, March 23, 2015

Things that Make Me Happy!

Looking for a little writing inspiration today so I borrowed this idea from another slicer   She posted about what makes her happy and I did the same.
  • Hanging out with my daughter be it reading with her every night or swimming with her or just watching Modern Family with her.  She won't always want to do those things with me but it makes me happy that she does right now.
  • Being outdoors at a spring, the beach, the mountains, hiking or camping. I love it and I love that I have friends and family who enjoy it too.  I love and need to disconnect on a regular basis.
  • Working out with my Camp Gladiator family.  I love the positivity and the encouragement.  I love the challenge.  I love being and feeling physically strong.  I love sweating.  I love my trainers.  
  • Throwing a frisbee
  • Reading
  • Random acts of book giving! I think I have given away at 300 books away to students and other people over the past year. I love the surprise and joy that I see.
  • Cooking and being able to cook what I want and cooking for friends and cooking with my daughter
  • Driving my car  
  • Purging stuff.
  • My job and my colleagues
  • My husband
  • Making memories with my family and friends
  • Days unfettered by bells and schedule


  1. It's great to focus on what makes you happy! It easily brings a smile to my face!

  2. This is wonderful! I do a daily quickwrite with my students around this time of year when school/life gets too stressful. I borrowed it from Austin Kleon's Steal Like an Artist. It's about writing about your "best thing" - whatever the best thing was that happened to you in the last 24 hours. Everything is relative, so in any given time period, something is still the "best thing." When I did it last year, I found that students actually said their moods were more positive by just being asked to spend a few minutes reflecting on whatever good thing, however small, happened recently. :)

  3. Purging stuff also makes me happy! I recently donated a bag of clothes to a local worker here in Venezuela. In this country, because most things are imported from the US, a single shirt might be a price equal to that of a monthly salary for a minimum wage worker. I felt really happy when I saw her note of thanks the next day!

    I might give this post format a try tomorrow!

    -Amanda at

  4. YES to number 2! We're off to disconnect and do some hiking on Thursday. Too bad we'll have to bring jackets. :P

  5. Unfettered, love that word. Great list. You are a positive inspire-er!


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