Friday, March 20, 2015

Reading Teachers

I've been wanting to construct this infographic for about two years now.  I wanted to really examine my professional reading history to consider how what I learned shaped my teaching.  It all started with Nancie Atwell for me in 1992 when I was assigned to read In the Middle in the English Education graduate program at the University of Florida.   This version of Atwell's text was published in 1988 and was exciting as it was reshaping reading and writing instruction.  Her words introduced to the reading and writing workshop. I find it fitting that I do finally celebrate my journey this week as Atwell has been recently honored as the first winner of a global education prize.  Her book is now in 3rd edition.  I have never taught middle school, but I have spent the last 22 years at a high school cultivating readers and writers and it started with Atwell. I did separate out my reading and writing professional readings because my journey for each is distinct yet in the end they have merged together.  You might argue that I have left out some books that you would have included.  I have many many shelves of books.  I included the books that helped me evolved as a teacher.  Each teacher's journey is unique and this is a snapshot into mine. Next week, I will examine my writing instruction journey.  Also this week I created my piktochart from scratch.  It took longer, but I didn't need the scaffolding that templates provided any more.



  1. I "pinned" your infographic for a ready reference! I was familiar with or had read most, but not all; and even the ones I've read are worth revisiting. You may have just made my summer reading list for me--thanks!

  2. Wow! This is a super way to share your resources! I never thought of making an info graph like this. Can it be inserted in a prezi or PowerPoint?

  3. Cool! I've read a lot of those (no surprise, I guess). And so happy to see Atwell accept her award! :)


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