Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Hopping: Rock Springs

My daughter never wants a big birthday party. I always ask her...bowling, roller-skating...etc. She either wants one at home or at a park. This year she wanted to do one at Rock Springs at Kelly Park. We spring hop quite often since Florida is home to over 500 natural springs. Water temperatures in the spring year-round are about 72 degrees.  Weather is quite tricky in Florida in the winter. It can go from 80's to 60's to 40's quite easily when a cold front comes in. It makes planning her outdoors birthday quite tricky too. During the midst of one outdoor party at a park we had to do an in the midst location switch due to a cold front. Therefore we put her celebration off this year until March.

When I stood at the spring-head to jump in, I was shocked by how warm the water felt. It was an illusion of temperatures. In the summer the spring is still 72 degrees yet feels freezing in contrast to to the 90 degree temperature. It was amazing today where the water at 72 degrees was warmer than the air temperature. We had the run and the pool to ourselves which also made our day special.

During the later spring months and summer months this park often closes by ten am due to the sheer number of visitors.  This spring is a great first spring for people with small children.  There is a small sandy beach and a shallow wading area.  Older kids and adults enjoy the run and there are two of them.  The water is never above your waist in depth, but the run is swift and the water sparkling clear.  This spring is a local park.  You can get an entire carload in for $5 which is not what it would cost at another type of park for which Orlando is famous.  There are also hiking trails and campsites as well as ample picnic tables and grills.  Also there is no restriction on the type of floats that you can bring in, noodles or plastic floats, but they must be no longer than 5 feet in length.  The next time that you are wondering what to do, pack your cooler, flippers, and suit and head to the spring!


  1. The spring looks lovely, a great way to celebrate a birthday. I've been to a couple of springs in Fl on our travels to Orlando. I never get enough of nature.

  2. Did you swim today?! It was a chilly one on the field. I can imagine the water felt warm compared to the air. I thought about the painting event. Hope D. will have drawings to share.

  3. Love Rock Springs and I can't wait to get in the water in July when we come visit!

  4. Sounds perfect. Happy birthday to Hope!


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