Monday, March 16, 2015

More Than Halfway There

A gift from a fellow slicer!
Today is a day to celebrate!  Whether you are in the midst of your 1st SOLSC, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year or more participating in the SOLSC, today is a day to celebrate! If you are still writing, you have passed the halfway point, day 16. I find that this is a good day to take stock about how the challenge is going for you as a writer.

I am in the midst of my fourth year posting daily in March for this challenge. As I look back over the past five years since the creation of my blog, the number of posts that I have made has grown exponentially.  Before participating in the SOLSC, I made exactly one post on my entire blog. This past year, 2014 I posted 67 times which means that I doubled my writing this year. In fact, each year, I write more.

One thing that is different for me this year is that I have open post days like today, Tuesday, Thursday while the other days I have a dedicated topic or content--- Wednesdays-photos of my week, Fridays-an infographic documenting my reading journeys, Saturdays-a Central Florida adventure, and Sunday- a celebration of my gratitude from the week. I like this. I have the freedom to post what is on my mind, but also a purpose in my writing and in my world---planning an adventure, figuring out how to present information, gathering photos in the wild, and reflecting about my week.  It brings me a little balance with a writing routine and a little freedom too.

I continue to be inspired by strangers and friends writing near and far. This fall was the first time that I meet some of the writers from the virtual writing community that springs up from participating SOLSC.  I loved seeing the faces.  Their words have been inspiration and matter.  They are writing and teaching role models. I love that this community leads us to that.   I am still surprised by what posts people comment upon. Timing is everything, a late post has less feedback typically.  Mostly I am just happy to get it done.  I find this year unlike my first and even second year, that I get it done. Not early, but less close to the midnight deadline. Sometimes I was pushing it!

I also want to thank Stacey and her team for committing to keeping this slice of writing going.  It matters for teachers and their students everywhere!  Happy Made It More Than Halfway Day!


  1. Making it half way is something to celebrate! I think there is so much value to the SOL challenge. It sounds like you are finding a lot of benefits to slicing! Enjoy the second half of the month.

  2. I admire how you've written more over the year. I missed a couple of days of Slices this month. But I've decided to continue for the joy of writing.

  3. I like your plan of having a dedicated topic on some days and open posts on the others. I may try that. Thanks!

  4. Taking some time to reflect is a good idea. This is also my fourth year to participate. Like you, I find I write a little bit more each year when the challenge is over though I struggle with a Tuesday post. I also find I'm more interested in reading the posts others write than writing my own these days. I guess I just feel I have a lot to learn.

    One thing is for sure, as you said, this community is so inspiring. We're half way through. We can do it.


  5. My posts are hugging the midnight line, as well. My goal is to write the night before and then post in the morning. I'm not there yet. I have also been inspired by this writing community. More than half way there! I can't believe it!

  6. I'm getting it done, but they're not all worth reading. I would say I'm happy with about one third of my posts. Maybe giving myself a little bit of routine like your "photo day" or "what are you reading mondays" would help with that. Congrats on making it half way! WW Erin

  7. Congratulations! You're definitely right... This is an amazing challenge and the community makes a difference for teachers and students. Thanks for sharing what you've leanred.

  8. Yay for more than half-way! Good reflection on how the challenge has moved you as writer each year. I enjoy seeing how you challenge yourself to grow.


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