Monday, March 9, 2015

Daylight Savings

If you are like me today, you are ready to sleep. I am ready to go to bed now rather than writing.  It happens once a year, my favorite time of year, spring forward.  Most everyone has an opinion about it.  They don't like getting up at dark-thirty.  It is dark.   I don't mind the morning in the dark. I just try to be extra careful and then open my blinds so that the indoor lights illuminate the sidewalk by my portable.

I love the extra evening light>  It is the promise that spring is here and summer right around the corner.  I noticed the evening light creeping up since the longest night of the year passed on December 21st.  I  love how daylight savings time quickly advances the evening light.   We will steadily be moving toward the longest day of the year.

Right now, however, I am tired and not energized for the evening light.  What's your stance?


  1. The dark morning at the gotogetgoing hour is always a bit surprising! The daylight into evening is a welcomed promise of new growth and lazy summer days on the horizon.

  2. I picked today for a 7:00 appointment! Hard to get up in the dark, but love that evening light.

  3. We don't have it here and things seem to go just fine. That's now. In 2 months it'll be light at 3:45 am and I'll wake just before that and hate it!

  4. What a neat image (or piece of propaganda?). I wonder what the history is behind it. I'm glad we can have the light without the heavy hoe work out doors!


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