Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Seven

7. Camp Gladiator workouts on Friday afternoons!  The very best happy hour for me! A way to destress the work week and put my best healthy foot forward for the weekend!  Thanks Chris for making this happen!

6. Quality time with my girlie.  While the dad's away, the girls will play dolls, watch movies, swim, and work out!

5. Weekend pool time with friends and the good weather to enjoy it! We went from 72 degrees last Saturday to 88 degrees this Saturday.

4. Acclimating to the time change quickly.

3. One week closer to spring break.

2. Actually finally finding the things that I need in my office after the move that I made in December.

1. A team of committed teachers and guidance counselors who got juniors and seniors registered for the ACT as well as finishing all the accompanying paperwork work for the special circumstances many of our students are in.  It's a big deal, an important step for these kids, and a valuable opportunity for their futures.


  1. I love this practice of celebrating achievements of the week. It seems like you had a great week both at work and at home. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Big things to celebrate this week! I particularly like your Friday happy hour. :)


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