Monday, March 2, 2015

Orlando Wetlands

Some people come for the beaches, some for Disney, and some for the Orlando Wetlands Park. Who could imagine that a reclaimed water plant could actually be an amazing park to discover Florida?   It is the largest water reclamation plant in the world at over 1600 acres.  I know what you are thinking...reclaimed water??? Yuck!  What you will actually discover is one of the most gorgeous settings in Florida.  The water in this park is eventually released into the St. Johns River after it is processed through the cells.  
My friend Mary took me there in early November and I could not wait to go back.  It is closed from November 15th-January 31st as the owners retained the hunting rights to it. Otherwise it is a wonderful place to bike or hike via the berms.  There is an outlook now that brings you above the treeline for a unique view.  You will often find volunteers leading hikes on the weekend which is a great way to learn about the wildlife, flora, and fauna in the park.  Located in Christmas, Florida, northeast of Disney and southwest of NASA, you will be shocked about how nature has taken its land back.  

Gators loll near the banks.  Birds swoop for the fish and butterflies flit from flower to flower.  If you are reading this from snow-covered place, I am sure it is hard to imagine the lush Florida wetlands that are part of the water management system that I explored again last weekend in the 70 degree weather.  Our winter is truly the best time to be outside.  Bugs are at an all-time low and you won't sweat to death.  If you are here in Orlando, make a weekend plan to check out the wetlands park.  Pack water and a lunch, you won't be disappointed.  


  1. Sounds beautiful. We will have to make a trip out there before it gets too hot!

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  3. Sounds so peaceful. You will have to take me when I visit! :)


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