Saturday, March 14, 2015

Girl's Day Out

I would be remiss today if I didn't share my adventure with my daughter at the American Girl Bistro. My daughter got the AG fever after playing with her friend's dolls t his past year. It has been her most expensive interest to date as a kid.  We researched for months looking on eBay and Craig's list.  She had her heart set on Kit, the intrepid young investigative reporter from the 1920's.  She is one of the Be Forever dolls, each of whom has a historical back-story including a book and a movie.

 What I like most about the dolls is that they allows my daughter to play creatively and use her imagination. My most favorite time is to watch the dolls prepare for the zombie horde.  You want more and more of your child to stay young and play as your child ages because the adult world isn't as fun and they so want to be grown-up sooner than you are ready for them to be. Hence my indulgence in the American Doll.  Grandma, Gauntie, and auntie, and godmom have also been helpful.   My daughter also understands the cost of things and does appreciate Our Generation stuff from Target.  I wish I could sew.  Her dad and other grandmother are making furniture.

The American Girl Bistro leaves no detail to chance.  I had to make reservations for four a month in advance. Weekend dates are hard to come by.  I was pleased by how amenable the hostess was when I had a last minute addition.  They easily accommodated the five of us and our three dolls who sit right at the table with a high chair and are served tea in a sauce and cup which are souvenirs.  The napkins are wrapped with a hair tie and bow which is also a souvenir.  The servers were attentive and treated the girls like young adults rather than talking down to them.  AG also provided conversation cards as part of the table decor.

I was surprised by how reasonably priced the food was and I wasn't expecting it to be amazing, but it well-made and fun.  The portions were appropriately sized.  Interestingly adult beverages were even an option for  the adults in the party.  We didn't partake however. Each girl ordered cheese quesadillas and drink.  I ordered the grill cheese and tomato soup. Each girl then ordered a flowerpot dessert, chocolate mouse topped with chocolate cookie crumbles serviced in a flowerpot.  We lingered and laughed and practice our table manners.  Then it was over.

Would I go back?  As a special occasion for my daughter's birthday, yes!  Did she have fun! Yes! Did we add to our memory book? Yes!  Did I get out of the building with my wallet intake? Yes!  All in all it was an afternoon well-spent as Saturday afternoons should.


  1. Sounds delightful--a special birthday memory indeed. I love the line about practicing table manners and what a good idea the conversation cards are. Great pictures of the plates they served. Of course, I especially love the one with the white polka dots! Glad you all had a good time.

  2. I've never heard of this, but it sounds wonderful! I was a Barbie girl and I can just imagine how thrilled I would have been if there were a Barbie restaurant.


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