Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Seven

Getting our Sunday miles in DC!
1. Laughing with my old and dear friends at book club. We have meet once a month for the last ten years.  Whether there is an intellectual discussion about the book or not, there is always laughter. Just the psychological boost we need each month til next time.  The plus is that I've read different genres than what I would choose to read---this month a little supernatural-steampunk-romance reading Gail Carringer's Soulless.

2. Sunday morning miles with my work friend, Jen K.  Every Sunday, 8 am.  Today we snapped many spring pictures to be shared on my picture posting day, Wednesday. It is a powerful way to kick off the week, early and moving.

3. Having an outdoor girl.  She loves to swim no matter what.  It took work on my part and her dad's as well as her courage.  At four months old, she was in the ocean. At four years old, snorkeling in the Keys on my back, sharks and all.  At nine, snorkeling in the bay for 6 hours catching scallops with no fear. Into the springs, she jumps in and explores.  I am glad that I am raising a girl who is not afraid of the outdoors and who choose to be there.

4. A second job, I love that challenges me to grown and learn about my craft.

5. A community of exercise buddies with a wonderful cadre of leaders who push us at Camp Gladiator.  There is always a welcome, a hug, and cheer as we sweat and push ourselves to do more than we believe is possible.

6. Florida weather!

7. Most of the components of my evaluation are done!  Just one more informal to go!


  1. Sounds like a spectacular seven! Love the picture of you and Jen.

  2. I love your Sunday Seven. What a great way to remember and to celebrate the wonderful things going on in your life!

  3. Your Sunday sounds super. I too rely on my workout buddies to motivate me during my workouts. I'm a bit jealous of your Florida weather. I sure could use some more sunshine! Happy Slicing!

  4. I love this Sunday Seven idea. I've been writing things I'm grateful for every night for months. At least three things. But I'm finding it more of an obligation lately than a reflection. Maybe I need to mix it up and try something like this instead. Btw, cute pic of you and Jen!

  5. Great picture! I miss the book club. Now that things have calmed down a little bit in terms of my steep learning curve as a new mother, I think I need to make my grand return to my book club here.


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