Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eye-Spy Visits to Springs Past

Juniper Springs, a shaded pool where kids love to flip off the deck.

In seven days, March 31st this challenge will be over.  Just four days ago, I uploaded my 200th post! I meant to celebrate that.  I am also hoping as I do at the end of every challenge to continue the weekly slicing.  I haven't been able to sustain that yet.  I did, however, pick up posting weekly in fall. I spend most of my day off today commenting on all my students' posts.  I haven't been so good at taking pictures of nature this week although I spent most of the weekend camping and hiking.  I do tend to disconnect when I am in the wild.  Here are some images from springs that are worth visiting! I won't get there during spring break as I am always looking to hop into a new undiscovered by me spring.

Ginnie Springs- a private spring located in north central Florida!  You can float down the Sante Fe River.Timing is everything here as it can get rowdy with college students

De Leon Springs- a good swimming hole, but the highlight is the pancake breakfast at the grist mill.
Rock Springs at Kelly Park- a beginner spring with two run's and rarely is the water over most 6-8 year olds heads.


  1. I love reading your posts. Just sayin. 😊

  2. Wanted to get up to the Springs over break but decided to wait until Summer when Steve could join us. Hopefully we can catch up with you all when we pass through. Appreciate your pics and insight!

  3. These springs and swimming holes look beautiful. I'll have to keep this post bookmarked for the next time we make it to Central FL. Looks like lots of fun.

    Hope you'll be able to join us year-round on Tuesdays. As you know, you can dip-in and dip-out as often as you'd like.

  4. Love that picture of the run at Rock Springs. Neat angle or wide lens or something. Got a kick out of Collin and Hope in those rafts. I was telling my niece about the Pancake House and said it would be one stop during next summer's Auntie Camp!


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