Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Moments

Part of participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge is commenting on others' post, a minimum of three each day.  I love this aspect of the challenge.  It provides inspiration for my writing and my instruction.  This year I am part of the welcome wagon which means I have set bloggers' sites that I visit and comment upon each day.  This format for this post was inspired by one of them and I forget whom.  My apologies in advance to whomever I've borrowed this format from!

Listening:  This morning I had the privilege of listening to one of my former college students defend her dissertation.  I loved listening to her passion and her ideas.  I loved how the listening made me think and ask questions.  As one of her committee members, I have loved watching her thinking evolve as she did her research.  It was a cerebral morning listening, growing, and evolving.

Loving:  I am loving this Florida spring weather.  Last year it became too hot too soon.  One year, we didn't have to turn the air on until June.  Last year, we almost never turned it off.  We have a had a blissful spring with sunny days and cool nights and low humidity.  I am loving that the air is still off.
Thinking: I am thinking about our destination digital for next year.  Wondering about "personalized learning" and personalizing learning.  Wondering about Genius Projects, integrating the tech most purposefully for learning and what attitude shifts it will require both teachers, students and parents to take.

Wanting:  There isn't much I am wanting for.  Perhaps a little spring cleaning, but I know that will happen next week.  I suppose I am really wanting my kid to pick up her messy messy room. I guess this is the turnabout my mom was always wishing upon me.

Needing:  I am needing this Achilles tendinitis to go away.  Not in a way that it morphs into something worse, but just a reduction in the pain.  Glad to  have a foam rolling session and a new stretch and new shoes and socks under the belt, but
 I am needing patience in this healing process.


  1. I love this format. It's a great way to get at some deeper thinking and feelings.

  2. I like the many slices this format offers. If you need to rest that achilles, I have a right boot that could do the trick. Hope it feels better soon!

  3. Send some of that spring north. We awoke to snow today. The golf match got cancelled, which makes sense since it's hard to see a white golf ball on a snow-covered fairway! Softball and track weren't so lucky.

    I'll remember this format when I'm scratching my head for ideas.


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