Thursday, March 10, 2016

Summer Plans

Spring break is almost here which makes me turn mind toward summer and finalizing my plans.  This summer will be a little shorter. We will lose a week because we are starting a week earlier which will benefit us next year.  I will be working for a few more weeks because we are going 1:1 devices in all the high schools in our district.  I am making plans for camp for my daughter. She goes to art camp each year for two weeks.  She has ballet camp and ballet class as well.  We will have my favorite 3 day weekends which will allow us time to retreat to the local beaches and springs.  I am also working crafting a travel plan.

In summers' past, we have cruised, snorkeled, spelunked, scalloped, followed The Walking Dead movie set trail, hiked the AT, whitewater rafted, and tubed.  Summer is about being outdoors for us and creating memories.  This year we will take our customary camping trip in the woods of the Appalachian Mountains, which means I still need to make my camping reservations for Elkmont.  We traditionally met up with my mom and friends have joined us too.  Hiking Abrams Falls as well as afternoon soaks are on the menu.  The beauty is that there is no technology.  No matter the destination, it isn't a vacation if I don't cut off completely from technology.

What are your summer plans or traditions?


  1. What an adventurous person you are! There is nothing like being out in nature and all of God's beauty to make you appreciate life. Sounds like a wonderful summer!

  2. When our boys were young we managed to visit all 50 states with a concentration on camping in many National Parks, now my husband and I spend every summer revisiting places in between and old favorites. This summer we will drive from San Francisco to Denver. We will start with a visit with our son and daughter in law, revisit Yosemite and Mono Lake, visit 2 new National Parks for us-Great Basin in NV and Capital Reef in UT, revisit Arches in UT, then on to Colorado where we will see a few cousins before flying home to NJ.


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