Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Countdown

We are a culture of counting and data.  Here are my counts for the week.

1 fantastical day of professional learning at UCF, the annual literacy symposium.

2 hours of working in the Starbucks on Friday night while waiting for my daughter during ballet. I actually get a lot of work done.

3 days of proctoring, 2 spent with the 101 seniors who still need to make the score for the reading graduation requirement, and 1 spent with the juniors, about 347, who have not made the score yet either.

4 CG workouts scheduled on my calendar this week.  It is interval week.  My favorite!  I feel the burn long after the workout is over.

4.5 cups of water each day as a minimum to keep my blood glucose in balance. Yes, I know I should drink more.

5 days of after school pick-up for my middle school girlie.  I like the middle school hours. I get to stay after school and work for a while in silence and then get to make it to the car line.

6 pairs of clean Balega's for the week. I buy the brightest color so I can spot them on my girlie's feet. It is just not right for her to wear my expensive socks!

7 cups of coffee for my week-flavored either Georgia Pecan or Cinnamon Hazelnet.  Coffee with cream is my daily indulgence.

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