Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Into Saturday: DeLeon Springs & Pancakes

Looking for something to do this weekend? Drive north on l-4 from Orlando and head  thru Deland to Deleon Springs. It isn't the prettiest spring to swim in, but isn't too deep for toddlers. Our secret is to arrive and have pancakes at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill on-site for a late lunch/early dinner. This way you miss the crowd at breakfast and lunch. The pancake house stays open until 5. If you are waiting, you can enjoy a dip in the spring, visit the museum, or head out on the pontoon boat to tour the St. John's River. You also don't  want to miss a hike in the Cypress Swamp. There's a decent playground for the little ones too.  It's an ideal way to inexpensively enjoy historical aspects of Florida without paying exorbitant fees for the concrete jungle.
The pancakes are all you can eat and you cook them in the griddle on the center of the table. This meal and trip is best reserved from October to May since the historic restaurant has no AC. There is, however, a 72 degree spring to jump in to cool off . Also for pancake-haters like me, they have a small breakfast and lunch menu to choose from. 

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