Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Eye-Spy: Signs of Spring

Sunrise, the morning of daylight savings time.
Be on the lookout for signs of spring!  It goes quickly here!  The weatherman promises a 90 degree high today.  He was wrong!  It was only 88!  I am excited by the promise of a cold front rolling in on Monday with an expected high of 72.  
A lone azalea, my favorite spring flower, which hides
under the shade of live oaks.   I love the fuchsia ones. Southern Living describes it as the number one must have plant in the South.  

New leaves that will look like feathers as they grow.  I am not sure of the tree.  See what it houses below. Photo Credit: Jen K

A bird's nest. In fact, several dot the barren trees along this nature walkway.
No sign of the birds, just the nesting.

What signs do you see?  

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  1. Only 88?! wow!!! I'm a little afraid we will just skip over spring and go straight to summer...I'm not ready for all that super hot weather yet! I am looking forward to more sunshine though! Love the blue skies in your photos


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