Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Into Saturday: Suwanee River's Springs

Twilight at a Suwanee River spring
"Way down upon the Swanee River...:" begin the lyrics of the Florida state song written by Stephen Foster titled "Old Folks at Home."  In 2008 there was a state legislative push to change the state song, however, a state anthem was chosen and the Florida state song was expurgated and Foster's song still remains.   The song was written about the Suwanee River and you can go check out the Stephen Foster State Park, but I am more interest in the over 25 springs that dot the Suwanee River and it's surrounding counties.

In my head it looks like a trip hopping into 24 springs in 48 hours.  If it is to be done, I think it is to be done in this area.  I predominantly spring in the Central Florida area with springs that connect to the St. Johns River.  Not all of the springs in Florida are in state parks, some are in National Forest Recreation areas, some county parks, and some on private property.  Each is so unique in its natural beauty.  My 48 hour plan includes jumping in Lafayette Blue Springs, Fanning Springs, Peacock Springs, Troy Springs, and Manatee Blue Springs. For a decent list to begin to plan your spring trip, start here:  Major Springs in Florida.  I like the table format.   You can also learn more about this special places at Florida Springs.  They are Florida's true blue natural gems.


  1. I spent a summer inFlorida back in 1979 and recall a canoe trip in Florida's interior. I don't recall the name of the creek we floated, but I'd like to experience the places you list in the spring. Those not from Florida--myself included--get fixated on the tourist destinations.

  2. Love the big spring hop plan! Can't wait to hear more about spring adventires! Great picture of you and Mary too!

  3. Sounds like an exciting trip! Hope you share photos of your trip


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