Friday, March 18, 2016

Food for Thought: Craving a Burger?

There's been so much food-fan-fare in the press about all these new burger places in O-town, all chains, and I just don't get the hype. I get it, sometimes chains are owned by locals, but I prefer my burgers from a local chef rather than from a chain owned by a local.   I've had my burger smushed and tried to find the taste in the hype, but when I go out for a burger, there are only a few places that I want one from.  You can be sure that a visit to one of these places will be happening over spring break.  Frankly, I don't care about the bun. I know, I am a burger-heathen.  The truth be told, it's what is between the buns that count.   Sloppy buns are also detractors me, hence my unlove for another chain that serves peanuts with their flat-burger.  There's no appetizing ring to that name is there?  One thing that all my top three burger favs have in common is that that aren't flattened on the grill.  With most cooking shows that I watch smushing the burger on the grill is a No-No!  In my head, I flashback to the eighties Wendy's commercial wondering myself, "Where's the?????"   I don't often go out for a burger because these aren't cheap.  I have also been know to make my own version. Hint a little Harry and David's pineapple relish will do in a pinch for making the burger found at location number 2.  Here are my top three:

3.  Vanberrys:  A relative newcomer to the Orlando scene, almost two years old.  There are many thing to enjoy on the menu here, but I always enjoy the Van Barry's Bacon Jam burger.  You have a chose of buns including the pretzel bun, but here I just enjoy the burger.  Another stand out item are the pickles that get served. Much better than bread!  If the company you keep doesn't like burgers, they can choose from taco's to salads or one of their bowls.  It's the only other place in O-town that you will find the ubiquitous swan boat.  

2.  The Crooked Spoon:  The 420 Burger! Although Clermont is technically not Orlando, it's worth the drive west on 50. My friends like the cocoa crusted burger found .  The 420 burger boasts a little pineapple relish, fried onion ring, candied bacon as well as a brioche bun. (I still don't eat this bun!) It's a perfect melding of salty, sweet, and umami.  This restaurant started as a food truck, but its stand-alone restaurant in Clermont is an oasis.  For your non-burger, even veggie companions, there are many foodie-temptations.  The menu does change too.  

1.  Johnny's Filling Station:   I have been literally grabbing a burger here since the nineties.  Once smoking was outlawed in food establishments, eating here became tolerable.  My daughter cut her teeth on the fried broccoli here. (Yes, bad mom alert here!)  The broccoli is not on the menu here anymore.  You can go to the much brighter Johnny's Other Side to grab the burger too, but the Filling Station side is where it's at.  You can get toppings, but I love my burger plain here. It stands alone. Again, with or without the bun.  One reason to skip the bun here, might be to save yourself the carbs so you can share an order of the tater tots.  

Are you a fan of the flat or juicy burger?  What are your local favorites?

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE burgers! I'm a pretty plain Jane, so I don't think I'd go for the pineapple salsa, fried onion ring, but Bacon?!?!?! That's my language! :)
    Now I'm hungry. 11:00 pm... too late for another dinner?


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