Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Eye-Spy: TBR Pile

If you have been in my house, you know that there is an obscene amount of space dedicated to books. Each inhabitant (3) has a bookshelf that was built and reflects the wingspan both vertically and horizontally.  Rather than post pictures from the wild tonight, since I posted many, many nature posts this past week, I decided to share my quick pics from To Be Read (TBR) pile.

My largest TBR pile is full of titles from different ya series, the genres such as sci fi, historical fiction, magical realism, and realistic fiction.  I have this issue about finishing what I start. Therefore I have to finish a series once I start it.  Some of these are book two and some are book three.  This pile doesn't account for the books that are in series that the next titles haven't been released yet. I love to immerse myself in a series. I then like to pass it on to the just right student.

My pile of adult reads are the nonfiction and fiction books that I have waiting for me that I might recommend to a friend.  This pile does not include the book that I have to read by Sunday for book club, Almost Anywhere:  Road Trip Ruminations on Love, Nature, National Parks and Nonsense by Krista Schyler. That book is part of my digital TBR pile.  Besides the paper TBR pile, I have my plastic TBR space. Besides digital books, I have a backlog of magazines and audio books as well.

My last group of TBR includes TBRRs aka To Be ReRead is my professional reads pile.  Some of them are new to me such as Chris Lehman's and Kate Roberts' Falling in Love with Close Reading. Some of them are titles I want to revisit such as Kelly Gallagher's In the Best Interest of Students.  I also have a couple of titles in the purchasing queue such as Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 by Diana Neebe and Jen Roberts.

Really I don't have a problem.  I don't hoard my books ya or adult books.  I like to put them out into the universe.  If you see a book you like, let me know!  I tag it just for you and send it to you when I am done!  I do, however, cling to my professional books.  I like to come back to them.  Still I am wondering what's on your TBR or TBRR list?  What do you recommend I add to my pile?

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