Thursday, March 2, 2023


My friend suggested Thursday posts be a throwback. I think she’s right. I’ve used this blog to reflect on my one little word, Brave or  Well. I chose my first word Brave, in 2013.  I chronicled here over the course of a year. 

A school-wide focus in 2021-22 led teachers and students to their one word. I loved wandering the school and seeing the signs as students entered the room. I loved seeing the students’ vision lining the walls. My word that year was Love. 

We were challenged this January to choose our word on our leadership team. I chose Well again. It reclaimed me. Our leadership team did a check-in with each other at the beginning of February and hopefully we will make time for another check-in on Monday. I am working on well and from the inception of this blog I’ve been doing so.

Apparently writing is and has been a path toward well for me. It was my initial intent when I first created this blog and wrote my first and only Post in 2011. That intent is part of my choice of title’s. ReReading that post made me realize that I have been working positively toward well for a long time and I hope to for more. I know now that Seven is actually my magic number and moving from a diagnosis High A1C of 14 in 2009 to a 2011 A1C of 8.67 to a current 7.3 staying on the path to well.

What’s your word? What’s your why?





  1. Way to go 7.3!!! Keep working that one little word! I want to read the story of that team meeting... the one that left the room silent, the leaders speechless at your word.

  2. I've thought of re-selecting one of my OLWs. Joy and wellness are two that I feel need to guide me every year. Yet, I've never repeated one. Now that I'm reading your slice about reclaiming WELL, I think I'll have to reconsider reusing a word in the future.
    Kudos to you on the 7.3. That's great!


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