Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Seven

Taking time to reflect on the good of the week.

 7.  My book club- which has been meeting once a month for the past 19 years. The only rule is that we

want you to come even if you didn’t read the book. We meet tonight. I’ve known some of the members from my first year teaching. They bring a care that keeps me strong.

6. My daughter- she is home for Spring Break. She says she’s spending the week like a retiree, currently at the beach with her grandparents. She’s starting to thrive at college and I’m proud of her.

5. My friend Lee Ann who has been an accountability buddy of many sorts for the past 25ish years. We’ve shared many many firsts together. 

4. My colleagues who have been spending their Saturdays paid planning since December. We’ve been granted 7 additional paid planning days this year by our district. I love the thoughtfulness and care that emerges from the work each week. It doesn’t, however, leave much of a weekend.

3. My friend Kristin, our former testing coordinator, who has been promoted to AP at another school, but always has time to answer questions. This is key because no one really has a clue about every moving part of testing unless they’ve done the work from beginning to end. It’s a beast. 

2. The Alexander’s, I’m grateful every day that these siblings, our ELA tutors for the past three years, show up. I don’t know how I could do the work. Their calm, can-do presence is a blessing.

1.  Gorgeous spring Florida weather and making time to enjoy it.

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