Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Word: Brave

Perhaps you have heard of One Little Word, a writing, creative and\or spiritual process of focusing on one little word for a year.  When Lee Ann asked me to consider doing Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop, I readily accepted the idea.  Its focus on writing and creativity would push me outside of my comfort zone. I have learned so much from the challenges I have embraced this year, both self-inflicted and presented to me.

 I started Camp Gladiator, a physical challenge, and continue to surprise myself at each workout. I have dropped six minutes off my 5K time and can do real push-ups, at least 20.  The Slice of Life Writing Challenge pushed me personally and professionally as a writer.  I don't aspire to write; I'd always rather read than do anything else. To grow as a teacher, I needed to dig deep where I felt uncomfortable to be better for my students. It worked! I felt the power of my words, publishing, and getting genuine feedback.  I was able to bring this experience to my students in our own slice challenge.  I acted out politically by working on a task force that made an impact on a local and state level.  As a teacher, I often felt disenfranchised by the political process, but working with a community of people--parents, teachers, students and school board members-- around an issue reminded me that my experience and actions matter to the community at-large. I saw why my voice mattered.  I opened my identity as a TI and began to work as an advocate by participating in the Big Blue Test and took other actions which reminded me that my work mattered to a community beyond my reach.

In hindsight, these steps were brave, but they weren't intentionally brave.  My focus this year is to act intentionally around one word, 12 intentions that will inspire action, and see what happens. My word is brave.  Each month I have a brave intention and this month I will be brainstorming my actions to attach to each.

 I intend to:
  • Brave the possibilities!
  • Brave the heart!
  • Brave the silence!
  • Brave the storm!
  • Brave the challenge!
  • Brave the world!
  • Brave the wild!
  • Brave the unknown! 
  • Brave the adventure!
  • Brave the impossible! 
  • Brave the limits! 
  • Brave the reflection! 
What do you intend to brave this year?

Just write about one word today: http://oneword.com/
Read about it http://myoneword.org/


  1. Oh, I love your word. I love your intentions. Love. Love. Love.

  2. Dig deep where it's uncomfortable--what wisdom. You are a writer as well as a reader. Thanks for your brave thoughts.

    1. Thanks for taking time to post words of encouragement!

  3. You have already been brave but I love how in choosing this word you are seeking to take it to a new level for yourself.

    1. Thank you for your writing the sentence that I was looking for when I was writing about my intention in choosing the word brave.


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