Monday, March 13, 2023

What R U Reading? Mollusk Monday!


I’ve become obsessed with octopuses lately. We read Soul of an Ocotpus by Sy Montgomery in book Club. It’s a fantastic view into the world of the octopus. It tells the story of Athena, an octopus, in the Boston Aquarium, while weaving in the facts about the species. It’s led me to watching octopus reels and following the reef doctor on Instagram. I’ve learned about their lifespan, their intelligence and the power of their chromatophores. I once chanced upon one in the wild when I was scalloping in the Gulf. It scuttled away when I disturbed the sea grass that it was camouflaged in. It’s part of the mollusk family and  related to snails which is brings me to another book that we read for book Club, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Tova Bailey. It’s more about a woman’s journey dealing with a chronic disease, but I like how it microscopes into the world of a snail.I can’t say that I became enamored with snails the way I have with the octopus. But if you are looking for something outside your reading comfort zone or are now curious, I would say start with the octopus.

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  1. Impossible for me to pass up a book post. I still haven't read Soul of an Octopus, although it's been recommended by many.


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