Friday, March 3, 2023

Food for Thought: Local Eats

I like to share my food thoughts on Friday since Orlando is such a destination for tourists and I use this post as a way to encourage you to explore where the locals go. I’m currently obsessed with a kale salad at my new favorite place, Black Rooster Taqueria. I know I missed the kale bandwagon by a few years, but, honestly, I could eat this salad every day. It’s the light whisper of dressing that makes this salad shine. It is loaded with kale, queso fresco, sliced radishes, carrots, grapes  and lightly candied pecans.

You have protein options too. I prefer to add the crispy fish, but shrimp is a strong second for me. I’ve even been able to make a close replica. 

A side of guac is must here and is made fresh with each order. I’m not crazy about tacos and feel they’ve become ubiquitous in this city. My husband, however, is obsessed with tacos, especially here, and rightly so, these are worth every bite. We’ve still not figured out our fav. The chorizo one is his, but I’m holding my vote until I try their smoked greens one. If you are thirsty, their agua frescas are a great option. If you are really thirsty, the margaritas made with agave wine are a good complement to any item.

Bobble-heads accompany your order while you a wait for your meal to be delivered. It’s a unique numbering system. I prefer sitting in their outdoor area where you can hang with friends, play cornhole and enjoy the Florida spring. Apparently they’ve also won a best bunch and been featured in the New York Times 36 Hours feature, but I learned that after the fact. There are two locations, but the Curry Ford one is my personal fave. It’s become my favorite place to decompress with friends and family after work. Eating brunch here is next on my list. 

What are some of your local favs?

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  1. I love kale salads. This one sounds delicious. I might have to try to make that one.


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