Wednesday, March 8, 2023

10 Things

10 things about today not necessarily in order….nor all the things of import from today!

10. Bought supplies before work to make salad and meatballs for my reading peeps. 

9. Had a brilliant planning day with the ELA grade 9 team. We outlined our first two weeks of instruction after spring break.

8.  Celebrated March birthdays with the reading team.

8. Ran into a teacher and fed her since she had no lunch. 

7. Helped a teacher find some titles for her class to read.

6. Wore my Stevie Nicks shirt to work since it’s 70’s day for spirit week and International Women’s Day.

5. Ate dinner as a family at my kiddos favorite restaurant. 

4. Tried banana pudding ice cream, but ended up with my current favorite a scoop of coffee and baileys ice cream. 

3. Cleaned out the work fridge in prep for spring break and left dinner for two friends who work night school.

2. Hung up every single item of work clothing that had been waiting for the past week or so.

1. Remembered that I had to write and post something after I already laid down to sleep and actually did so. Found a mentor blog that led to this post. 


  1. Love this slice of slice in 10 steps! Especially smiled at the Stevie Nicks shirt to celebrate International Women's Day! Sounds like you had a happy day!

  2. Impressive! It's tough getting back up after laying down for the day, so that is quite the achievement. Also, hanging up all those clothes isn't too shabby either.


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