Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Sunday Seven

 Celebrating the good of the week!

7. My mom..she’s celebrating her 76th birthday this week. We had the joy of a small family lunch at one of our favorite restaurants that’s in the middle. She’s generous and fun. I’m lucky to still have her around. 

6. Our SGA sponsor… she has been tirelessly shifting the culture at our school. She embraces risk. She’s relentless. She’s dedicated and makes positivity happen. She’s an amazing navigator of getting funding with Donor’s Choose. She’s been central to deinstitutionalizing the look of our school with several projects for the past few years, a heady task, since our campus is 95 acres. There are student murals, student handprints, and signs of life all over campus. Our PLC have been able to paint bricks this past week, but the blackout neon pep rally was the most fun this week. I celebrate her work and hope she has a restorative spring break. 

5. My daughter, I appreciate that she takes time for her family, especially her grandmothers, during her spring break. 

4. Florida spring weather, you never know what you will get. After a week of the 80’s, we head into our break week with the low 40’s looming ahead, the coldest days when I will be camping. At least I will sleep well. 

3. The women in my life…it’s I’ve been lucky to have role models, mentors, mentees, friends, colleagues who grace my life, inspire and help me stay strong. 

2. My husband…for being flexible and a good sport.

1. My colleagues…we just closed the 3rd nine weeks. It’s been a year of immense change for us with new standards, new textbook, new state tests, new laws, new superintendent, new principal, new apps and deans and I could go on and on about the new. I embrace change and love the challenges of new, but acknowledge that it can be cognitively overwhelming and physically draining when there is too much new. What you had footing upon seems fleeting and when you feel you are getting your footing, the bottom falls out. It’s my 30th year in this district and perhaps my 18th at this school so what is not new for me is our school, the landscape and most of the staff. Our school is that is not new to us and to the educators who’ve joined us, even knowing where to find a bathroom or how to make copies is a cognitive task. Regardless of all the new, I’m grateful to work with them supporting our students. I loved seeing educators step into spaces and leading the change. I’m certain everyone is doing the best they can and the demands of a high school with 3500 students is harder than ever. I hope all my colleagues have a restorative break.  


  1. Wishing you a restorative break! Such a great idea to celebrate the week, I will be doing the same!

  2. I love this format and need to bookmark it to use later in the week. I'm celebrating my colleagues too. Three of my colleagues and I have a text chat that keeps me going and gives me the best PD ever. We call it "Saturday morning PD" where we chat about the challenges of the week and brainstorm solutions! It really makes a difference when so much is new to have the consistency of great colleagues and friends.


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