Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Spring Break

Spring Break Past 

It’s my daughter’s first spring break as a college student. She’s made the best of it because all her friends have different breaks. I worked in my family’s tax business every college break so I think she has it good. She said she was going to spend it like a retiree. She went to hang out with her grandma at the beach for a few days where she learned how to play pickle ball and got schooled in our family’s notorious card game, hi-lo-jack. Today she went to her other grandmother’s place to clean her house. I love that she does family by choice and not obligation and genuinely has a good time. Although it’s the first time in over 12 years that we don’t have a spring break together, I told her I would take a day off to spend with her. We will spend a restorative day together as a family at a spring. I am looking 

Lately I’ve been getting plenty of rest, but little restorative opportunities. Too many hurricane created makeup long Wednesdays and holidays transformed back into work days.  Hurricane days aren’t vacation days. I’m looking forward to my spring break next week, driving my kid back to college, camping, and yoga things that will restore me. I’m also looking forward to some days with no obligations. Those days too will restore me. I’m hoping my fellow educators will have that opportunity soon too. What are you most looking forward about spring break? What do you do to restore your mind?

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  1. I got the first student question today about what I'm doing over break (ours is in 2 weeks). I was like... collapsing? :-D :-D Spending it like a retiree sounds fantastic to me! Or like a newborn... eating and sleeping? I love your prompting to consider how we will restore ourselves this break... that word, restore, is so powerful. I will keep thinking about how I can add more "restore" time into my break (and my days in general)!


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